Getting Back in the Groove.

Hello everyone, it is good to be back after the Holidays and though I am struggling to get off my lazy ass, I have all kinds of plans for new artwork and tools. And really hope to have some released soon.

I have actually been building a good lightbox and green screen for photographing artwork and tools, so maybe my photos will be higher quality. I would already have released some paintings for sell but this has been an unusually wet and floody season for us down here in Louisiana. That means even higher humidity than usual and as you all already know, that causes everything to take forever to dry/cure. Luckily, we have began looking into buildings to convert into a workshop/studio, so maybe I will be able to build a vented booth so I won’t die of fume inhalation and avoid the weather.

I have also been studying my ass off to learn how to incorporate more of my humor and silliness in my writing. For whatever reason, I feel like I write too robotish and hope to share a little more of my personality through my writing here soon.

Thank you all for staying tuned and Happy Holidays to all!


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