Featured Artist Pekanový Ořech: Artist of the Month.

redstararts pekanovy orech artwork
“Legs Discussion.”

While exploring the vast art world that exists on social media, I took immediate notice of an artist’s work that many would call “mad” but appeals deeply to me. The artist of which I speak goes by the pseudonym “Pekanový Ořech” (which I find delightful by the way), and creates creatures like no other. I am being perfectly honest when I say that I would love to spend at least a minute in her imagination. Pekan has been very approachable and a delight to work with. Her animations are wonderful, to say the least, and I greatly look forward to the creation of a comic book (in development). Currently, she has a place in my top favorite currently living artists and I hope she goes far in life with her art. Check out more of her work on Instagram at https://Instagram.com/pekanovyorech and visit her limited gallery here at https://Redstar-arts.com/pekanovy orech/. I hope you all enjoy Pekan’s work as much as I do, and show her the utmost respect.


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