Changes and Improvements to Website Content.

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In order to allow myself ample time for research and collaboration efforts, I will be changing my “Artist of the Week” feature to “Artist of the month. Some of the many benefits of this change include, but are not limited to:

  1. Allows the featured artist to keep their spot within the popup and homepage for a full month.
  2. Prospective “Featured Artists” will now have more time to gather materials and take additional steps to protect their intellectual property.
  3. “Featured Artists” will now be given more time to review the post and ask for changes before it is published.

In addition to the above change, I will also be squeezing in influential artists of the past, both relatively unknown and well known. On a different subject, I will also be updating my “Terms and Conditions” page, as well as researching ways to better protect the rights of our guests. 

I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause anyone. As always, between creating artwork and building sculpting tools, I am continuosly working towards improving the site and its content. I hope you all continue to support my efforts of attempting to create something wonderful and continue to provide me with valuable feedback on how to improve. Thank you all dearly.

*Note: Pekanovy Orech will remain artist of the month for December. I am always looking for talented artists to feature and promote; if you know anyone that may be interested, please share my website with them or give me a like on social media.


  • 4 December 2018- Visitors can no longer “Right-Click” on photos. I understand that nothing on the internet is 100% secure, but this will allow for added protection against image theft.
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