Benson family halloween costumes
Benson Family Halloween 2018

A Little About Redstararts,

As you may already know from this site’s homepage, my name is Christopher Benson and I am a self-taught artist from Haughton, LA. I am a husband and father of three insane little clones, as well as a squishy, lovable cat named “Noodle.” Like a large majority of artists, I suffer from major depression and anxiety disorder. Luckily, as I am a combat veteran, I am treated very well by local VA Hospital. Personality wise, I am a kind and caring person albeit a bit cynical and extremely reclusive; because of this, I go to great lengths to avoid conversation and social situations.This hermit-like behavior is what led to the development of this site and online gallery, as I am socially awkward and avoid gallery showings.

If I had to describe my art style, I would say it is mostly dark and conceptual. However, I create whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it. most often though, I tend to paint and sculpt the monsters that live in us all. I once remarked to a loved one that I create the insane in order to stay sane, and that sums up my thoughts on my own artwork. My most frequently used media includes, but is not limited to: oil paints, watercolors, soft pastels, charcoal, acrylic, and various types of clay. I also dabble in wood working, metal working, photography, and graphic design.

Scary Clown Makeup
Digitally altered photo of me with clown makeup.

I have always enjoyed all that life has to offer; and as such, I draw inspiration from most everything around me(though most of my art comes straight from my dreams and imagination). It takes very little for me to get inspired.

As I previously stated, this website was initially created with the intention of sharing my art with the world while also avoiding the world. But, the humanity inside me has caused me to change direction and build a place to help other artists gain extra exposure. I came up with this idea after witnessing how art websites and social media accounts prey on rising artists. I feel as if artists should not have to pay for exposure, especially when sites make money from artist promoting said sites and from subscribers. I will never ask for money(except for products in the store) from my guests and featured artists, because website traffic and knowing I helped someone is far more precious to me. My main goal is to create a friendly and welcoming community where artists can share their work with the world and offer help and advice to other artists.

In closing, please consider contacting me for details on being featured or if you have any advice, tutorials, or skills that other artists may find helpful. With all that said, I hope you enjoy the content. Keep in mind that I will be working to improve the site daily.


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