Topaz Studio Review

November 28, 2018 By redstararts
redstararts topaz studio review screenshot
Topaz Studio User Interface

As many people already know, I sometimes perform a bit of digital editing to various works for the purpose of creating a variety of prints and merchandise. I have used Adobe’s programs for years, but now I only use it for lite jobs. These days, I tend to use Topaz Studio for the majority of my work. I actually started using Topaz Labs back in about 2011 and got hooked. Unfortunately, due to me purchasing a “bad” copy back in Iraq, I decided to retire Topaz Labs for a bit. That was until I was looking to purchase “legit” copies of my old Topaz software and discovered Topaz Studio! Before I go on with the rest of this article, I am inclined to confess that Topaz is not paying me for this article; nor have they given me free stuff(though I would happily accept lol). I just personally enjoy the program and believe that other artists will find it invaluable as well. It is free of cost and has a very simple user interface. On one side of the window you may choose user-created filters/edits and on the other side you can fine tune filters or just create your own! 

Topaz Studio Filter Gallery
Topaz Gallery Adjustment Menus

One thing worth mentioning though, you do need an active internet connection. Other than that, I personally have no issues with the software. And honestly, the internet connection requirement isn’t really an issue considering that helps make the program so great. With the internet connection, you receive up to date content and filters. In conclusion, Topaz Studios is a powerful and “idiot proof” program that will easily add extra flair to any artists already beautiful art. 

Short Topaz Studio Demonstration

*Of Note: I keep saying “filters,” but they are more than a simple overlay. These “filters and adjustments,” seem to have enough power to change your photograph’s structure.