New and Weird Home Decor Items in Development!

November 14, 2018 By redstararts
weird custom switch covers

At the moment I am working on several projects and items for the store. Among these items, are the light switch cover plates pictured above.  I am working on a wide range of designs and experimenting with different clay in order to make them strong as possible. These two are just functional prototypes, and I assure you that the finished products will be a lot higher quality. While working on these, I am also designing and making custom sculpting tools. I am in the process of testing many different materials in order to create tools the will reduce hand fatigue and still be rugged for tough clay tasks. Stay tuned for more!

redstararts weird and unique switch plate cover
Tentacled Beast Switch Plate
redstararts weird and unigue switch plate cover
Bio-Mechanical Switch Plate Cover